Online Configurator

Welcome to our online configurator for DAKSeco/OScAR-Eco sales partners!

The goal of this configurator is to lend even better support to our certified DAKS and OScAR sales partners for their project planning activities by giving them an easy-to-use web tool for a quick preparation of successful quotations for their customers containing all the correct SKUs and (list) prices.

This is by no means an "online shop" for DAKS/OScAR-Eco. Therefore, we would like to kindly ask all end customers who are interested in the use of DAKS- or OScAR-Eco, as well as professionals who are not yet registered with us as official sales partners for DAKS/OScAR-Eco, for their understanding that we cannot grant them access to this system.

Should you have any questions regarding DAKS/OScAR-Eco, we will, of course, be very glad to answer those anytime, and we will also be glad to help you find a competent DAKS/OScAR sales and service partner near you to support you with the configuration, acquisition and setup of your professional DAKS/OScAR alarm server system, specially tailored to your individual requirements.